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IMG_3261Who decides to make a difference in some small way and the  effort to meet a need? The people pictured (and some not pictured) above who are the official SOCKS Steering Committee. We started meeting in September to develop SOCKS and we have crossed the finish line (perhaps the starting line?) with our first event on Thanksgiving Day.

SOCKS originated when several of us realized that a young couple we met through a jobs program needed clothes for their growing baby needed bigger clothes. (Read more) That led to the realization that many young children in the D.C. area are without socks, mittens, winter coats, school and play clothing. Teen moms living shelters need baby clothes too.

We talked about where to begin, whether to collect new or used clothing, launch locations, and our dreams for what SOCKS could become.  And thanks to one member who offered to host our first event at Medium Rare restaurant we have gone from idea to proof of concept in a few short months.

We have a lot to learn, but based on our first few months together, we know that people love to give and to help.  Our dream can be a reality and we hope you will join in becoming a Dream Maker and check our Clothesline Drive pages for future events.



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