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Toddler in red The children who will receive SOCKS clothing this year have been referred by social workers at Identity Youth, a program designed to empower Latino and other youth to reach their full potential as they transition into adulthood.  Identify serves as a resource, a community, and a safe place for young people at two locations in Montgomery County, Maryland: Gaithersburg and Silver Spring.

Young people at Identity are often first generation Americans who have come here with immigrant parents hoping their children will receive an education and opportunity. They arrive at school speaking little English and live with families struggling to afford basic necessities. Some of the youth at Identity live in foster homes, others are escaping gangs, or sex work, some are teen parents.  They are seeking GEDs, jobs that hold the possibility of advancement, and a path to productive citizenship.

Many on our steering committee have been involved helping these young people find jobs, but for the holidays we just want to make life a little easier and to let them know we care. Holiday Dream Makers offers the comfort of warm socks and clothing.  We provide only new items because we want to send the message to each child that they are worthy of something chosen especially for them!

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