Mission and Values

Our Mission

SOCKS envisions a community where everyone’s basic needs are met and to get closer to that goal we are building a new clothing bank for needy children in the D.C. area. This bank will be stocked with new garments and shoes sorted by age and gender and offered to families free of charge through a distribution network of social services agencies.  We will also seek donations of clothing and shoes from businesses and financial support from foundations. SOCKS plans fund-raising events, such as the Knock Your SOCKS OFF Broadway Review, where we will dance and sing to raise awareness of issues facing vulnerable populations.


Our Values

  • We are about joy: our programs will be designed to inspire the generosity of heart necessary to serve children and families in need
  • We will make decisions based on what provides the best end result and support the families we serve
  • We will pursue collaborative and effective partnerships with social service organizations
  • We will protect the dignity of the families we serve
  • We will seek diversity in everything we do
  • We  have fun