Frequently Asked Questions


Why was SOCKS created?

Families in the DC area struggle to provide basic clothing necessities for their children. Despite a median household income of $88,233, 28% of children live in poor families (BLS 2013). Too many children are without the right clothing, either in the winter they have no warm garments, or shoes which don’t fit or are worn out, or threadbare clothes which makes it more difficult for children to thrive.

How did SOCKS get its start?

SOCKS grew out of a work force initiative where several of our founders helped under and unemployed men and woman to find jobs. One day a young couple came in for an interview and brought their new born baby along in an infant seat. A few months later we learned from colleagues that the baby, now six months old, had outgrown newborn sizes. We wanted to help and found a 50% off sale at Carter’s that day and purchased clothing. When the box of new items was delivered, the first thing the mother did was put socks on her child’s cold little feet. It was at that moment SOCKS was born.

How do you identify and distribute clothing?

SOCKS identifies each child’s specific needs for size and seasonal requirements and confidentially matches that child with a donor through our non-profit community partners. Partners also distribute the new donated items to those children. Our goal is to provide for specific clothing needs so donations are put to immediate use.

Why do you only collect only new clothing?

We want children to feel valued and develop a sense of pride and confidence and new clothing conveys this best. SOCKS believes that children with clothing selected exactly for them buoys the child’s spirit so he or she can play, grow, and learn.

Do you accept cash donations or corporate sponsorships?

Happily! We will do the shopping for you and in 2016 we hope to develop relationships with business and clothing manufacturers to grow our donations and serve many more children.

Is my donation tax deductible?

SOCKS application for 501c3 status is pending with the IRS so calendar year 2015 donations tax receipts will be provide by our non-profit partners. We will have our official non-profit status in 2016 and then issue receipts directly from SOCKS.

How do I sign-up my organization to become a SOCKS partner?

At this time we are having one on one conversations with organizations about joining the SOCKS team as a partner and for their clients to receive new donated clothing. If you are interested, email to start a discussion.